Pro Fund Accounting Budget Software

Julie Lightfoot and Cogitate Inc have partnered together to bring you a brand new budget package for Pro Fund Accounting that is designed for road commission budgeting. This new budget package can help your road commission achieve greater transparency with the budget by enhancing the following areas of a road commission's budget process:

  • Monthly Updates on spending
  • Ease of Use
  • Keep department Heads informed of their department’s spending
  • Spreadsheets already set up…just need to enter your Road Commission’s personal information
  • Easy to modify/update budget to find new ending fund balance
  • Board Budget Format
  • Save money by having control of your finances!

Take a look at the video below to see how this new budget package can help your road commission achieve a higher level of transparency in their budget process.

If you are interested in this new budget package, please contact Julie Lightfoot at
1-866-634-9991 x12 for more detailed information on how this budget package can benefit your road commission.

Budget Sample