Which Pro Fund Accounting Suite Is Right For You?

With all of the different features in each of the Pro Fund Accounting suites, it can be hard to determine which suite will work best for the fund accounting software needs of your municipality. Our fund accounting software comparison list shows you at a glance the different features offered in each of the Pro Fund Accounting suites.

Pro Fund Accounting MunicipalPro Fund Accounting HighwayPro Fund Accounting State Trunkline
Accounts Payable SupportedSupportedSupported
Accounts Receivable SupportedSupportedSupported
Payroll SupportedSupportedPartially Supported
General Ledger SupportedSupportedSupported
Inventory N/ASupportedPartially Supported
Equipment N/ASupportedPartially Supported
Fixed Assets SupportedSupportedPartially Supported
Permits SupportedSupportedN/A
State Trunkline Billing N/ASupportedSupported
Voter Registration SupportedN/AN/A
Call Tracking SupportedSupportedSupported
Enhanced User Security SupportedSupportedSupported
Affordable Care Act Reporting SupportedSupportedN/A
Cash Receipting SupportedSupportedSupported

Feature Comment = Feature Comment. Roll over these images for additional information about the listed Feature.
Unsupported = Unsupported
Partially Supported = Partially Supported
Supported = Supported
Blank denotes 'N/A'.
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