Voter Registration

Pro Fund Accounting Municipal’s Voter Registration software allows you to set up voters, print cards and certificates, and post or scan voting results all in one handy application. With our Voter Registration software, you can set up your precincts, districts, polling locations, schools, colleges, townships, villages, and wards. Voter information includes driver license numbers, places and dates of birth, inactive dates and reasons, and track former names.

The Absentee Ballot information includes the date the absentee ballot was requested, if it was to be permanent, the date it was cancelled (if applicable), the date it was deleted (if applicable), and the status of the ballot. Also track Voter Record change information such as reason and date, and voter inactivity with the inactive date and reason. Print polling lists and canvasser reports based on address, dates of birth, or gender. See at a glance the districts, township, village, precincts, schools, colleges, and polling locations associated with each of your registered voters.

Voter Registration Features

  • Substantial printing reports and options
  • Absentee Ballot tracking
  • Comprehensive voter records
  • Complete district, precinct, and school/college information
  • Scan or manually enter voting results