The payroll software offers complete flexibility in posting time cards for several funds at the same time without having to run one payroll at a time before starting a different fund’s payroll.

The various Payroll Constant Maintenance programs hold all the information you need to process taxes and voluntary deductions. You can setup unlimited pay types, from Regular to Holiday to Jury Duty. You can also setup an unlimited number of deduction codes.

If you track vacation, sick or personal hours, Payroll Banks Constant Maintenance allows you set up an unlimited number of banks. You can also define whether one bank affects another.

An extensive payroll report library, an assortment of check layouts, automatic signature files, and quarterly tax reports are provided with the payroll software. If you have bitmaps of authorized signatures, your payroll checks can be printed and signed at the same time. When you post your payroll, the proper accounting entries are automatically made to your general ledger so you’ll never be out of balance.                           

You can set up new pay types, account numbers, or employees "on the fly" as you post, so there’s no need to leave the payroll software to set up missing information.

The Federal and State tax table file is updated each year with the Federal withholding information, as well as any state withholding information.

Payroll Features

  • Automatic credit entries
  • Multiple account lookup routines
  • Process quarterly and annual tax reports when you’re ready
  • Multiple batch total views
  • Multiple check layouts
  • Full tax reporting
  • Print or E-File year-end W2s
  • Context-sensitive help with the press of a button
  • Process and report on payroll by fund
  • Deduction, pay, and bank histories are kept forever
  • Offer employees the convenience of paycheck direct deposit