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Pro Fund Accounting is a government accounting software which was designed from the ground up to help make state and local government accounting simpler. We provide three different versions of our fund accounting solution which are designed to fit your government's financial software needs. Each of these three suites has been created with different features which have been engineered to provide the exact financial management services you require for your government accounting software.

Our powerful and affordable accounting software and American-based expert support staff are just two of the reasons Pro Fund Accounting will be your first choice for a new government accounting information system. When you purchase Pro Fund Accounting, you are receiving a comprehensive fund accounting solution that serves the individual needs of your state or local government.

Our accounting information system will also help your state or local government become more efficient and more financially transparent by enhancing your budget tracking and reporting capabilities with our easy to use budgeting system.

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Cogitate Created Its Government Accounting Software with You in Mind

At Cogitate Inc we have been creating software that is built with our customers in mind since 1966. We are constantly improving all of our products including our Pro Fund Accounting suite. Exceptional software and excellent customer care are what set us apart from the competition and will help you run your government's office smoother than ever before. Cogitate thinks it through so you don't have to.


Learn more about how our budget software can help your government become more financially transparent

See how our Budget Software can help you!

The best budget software for Pro Fund Accounting, was designed to provide greater transparency in the road commission and county level budgeting processes.

Learn more about our budget software

See how the budget software in Pro Fund Accounting can help your municipality plan for the future.


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  • Budget Calc Programs Articled 4 months ago
    There are two separate budgeting systems included with your Highway Management Software.  Typically Road Commissions use Budget Calc, and Townships/Cities/Villages typically use the Budget Data system, but both are available to all entities.   The first is a system for creating your own custom reports that can pull data from any or all of your financial transactions and format it with various totals and calculations.  (Typically used by Road Commissions).   The second allows you to enter budget amounts and/or adjustment to budget amount using GL Post (sources of entry BGT and BGA) into the financial system and includes a set of reports ...
  • How to use the new Healthcare Tax Reporting program Articled 10 months ago
    We just introduced a new update to Pro Fund Accounting which will help you to generate the new healthcare reports for the IRS and for each employee. According to the IRS documentation about the Affordable Care Act reporting, you don’t need to worry about creating these reports unless you are self-insured or have over 50 full time employees. If neither one of those conditions apply, then the healthcare provider will file a 1095-B form for each of your employees who have health insurance. Also note that this program will ONLY run on Windows Vista and higher, it will NOT run on Windows XP. You may also need ...
  • Stop Creating Deduction Checks For Electronic Transactions Articled 10 months ago
    If you have been depositing your tax withholdings at a bank and are now doing an electronic transfer instead, here are the steps to take to stop Pro Fund Accounting from automatically printing that withholding check. This process will work for other deduction checks as well. Go to Payroll>Payroll Constants>Deduction Types Maintenance Select deduction code F In the Pay To field you should see a code that is the code which you setup for the bank. Go ahead and clear the Pay To field Repeat steps 2 ...
  • Setting Up Comp Time Articled 10 months ago
    There are several things you will need to do before you can start banking, using and tracking your employees’ Comp Time. Use the following steps to get started. Programs you need to run 1. Run Payroll Constants: Bank Types Set up a new bank called Comp Time. You can use any code you’d like for the bank – C, CMP, etc. The bank will have no calculation type because all updating to this new bank will be accomplished in PR Post. You do not need to enter any information on the PR/PRS Parameter Titles screen. Just set up the bank type and ...
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