State Trunkline Billing

Our State Trunkline Billing software generates M-DOT approved state trunkline billing files and reports for the state of Michigan, and eliminates errors that can cause your reimbursements to be delayed. Timely updates ensure that your state equipment billing rates are always up to date. Our intuitive posting programs make it easy to enter your labor, equipment, inventory usage, and trunkline-related invoices.

Then, use the State Trunkline Update program to spread your benefits, leave, and administrative percentages and to produce your billing reports. After examining the results on-screen, click the Produce Trunkline Billing File button to create your electronic billing file or print your M-DOT approved reports and you’re ready to submit the file or reports to the state of Michigan.

All the tools you’ll need to produce timely, accurate State Trunkline Billing files and reports are included with the State Trunkline Billing software. Online help is available at the touch of a button and printed documentation is included.

State Trunkline Billing will allow you to apply for billing adjustments from M-DOT without having to wait for a State of Michigan audit or recalculate trunkline billings.

For example, you may bill equipment and labor fringe rates at the same rate throughout the year and during the course of the year there were adjustments made to that rate. However these adjustments aren’t normally discovered until an audit is conducted. Now with our State Trunkline Billing program, you can recoup these adjustments from the State of Michigan without having to wait until an audit is performed!

As you can see, State Trunkline Billing has an awesome feature set that can help you save time and recoup money back from the State of Michigan much quicker.

State Trunkline Features

  • Trunkline Budget Maintenance
  • Automatically import Equipment Rental Rates for a new year
  • Electronic billing file may be emailed or you may print the M-DOT approved Trunkline reports
  • Trunkline histories are always available so you can refer back to a prior month or a prior year
  • Reports can be exported to Excel©, PDF, HTML, Lotus 1-2-3©, RTF or Microsoft Word©
  • Context-sensitive help file and printed documentation
  • Built with Microsoft’s® SQL database engine for quick data processing and reliable data storage