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Governments across the U.S. love our Payroll software – and for a good reason.

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Budgeting Made Easy!

Pro Fund Accounting’s Budget software was designed to provide greater transparency in the road commission and county level budgeting processes.

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Pro Fund Accounting

Looking for a fund accounting software for your municipality?

Pro Fund Accounting is a municipal accounting software designed to help make your government’s accounting department run smoother.

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In our latest webinar, we explained the software updates form the last month and covered a new topic.

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Government Fund Accounting Software Made for Your Financial Needs

Pro Fund Accounting is a government accounting software which was designed from the ground up to help make state and local government accounting simpler. We provide three different versions of our fund accounting solution which are designed to fit your government’s financial software needs. Each of these three suites has been created with different features engineered to provide the exact financial management services you require for your government accounting software.

Our powerful and affordable accounting software and American-based expert support staff are just two of the reasons Pro Fund Accounting will be your first choice for a new government accounting information system. When you purchase Pro Fund Accounting, you are receiving a comprehensive fund accounting solution that serves the individual needs of your state or local government.

Our accounting information system will also help your state or local government become more efficient and more financially transparent by enhancing your budget tracking and reporting capabilities with our easy to use budgeting system.

Does your municipality also do utility billing?
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Cogitate Created Its Government Accounting Software with You in Mind

At Cogitate Software, our goal is to create software built with our customers in mind – and we’ve been doing that since 1966. We hope you love the Pro Fund Accounting software suite as much as we loved developing it!

Since the founding of our company, our “smart software, brilliant service” approach has set us apart from our competition – and that mindset has helped numerous governments and municipal offices run smoother than ever. We think it through – so you don’t have to!