Call Logging

In any type of governmental role, your constituents will have questions, bring things to your attention, or need to speak with someone. It’s an important role – but it can be thrown into disarray pretty quickly without a stable system already in place.

Sticky notes won’t work. No two email reminders will be the same. And people will forget what they’re told in today’s chaotic office environment. That’s where Pro Fund Accounting’s Call Logging system doesn’t just come in handy – it transforms how your office takes and documents calls.

Custom call categories help you keep track of common topics you receive calls about. You’ll also be able to take a “mile-high” view of all resolved or outstanding issues – or get “into the weeds” and dive into specific calls to address it. Our call tracking system can run numerous types of reports and filters, so you can see exactly what you need to view.

Pro Fund Accounting’s Call Logging software also includes a contact database – so your office can handle callbacks and work directly with the members of your community that are most affected.
At the core of the software is a simple form that provides all necessary details to summarize a phone call – then allows each part of that call to be categorized and filtered for quick, smooth resolution. Plus, you can easily set next steps within the call – such as sending an email internally or responding back within a specific time frame.

TL;DR? Here’s how Pro Fund Accounting’s Call Logging software transforms your office:

  • Add custom categories for calls.
  • Consistent, easy-to-use call forms.
  • Organize and filter calls by various fields.
  • Set priority on individual call records.
  • Add a contact to an individual call record.
  • Track any follow up correspondence that needs to happen, such as sending the caller an email or following up.


Our newly-refreshed call logging software builds upon what makes our software so effective. With new search tools, a cleaner interface and clever approaches to data visualization, Pro Fund Accounting’s call tracking software simplifies your office’s customer response processes.