Call Logging









Do you receive numerous calls every day relating to your government entity? Do you need a system that can handle recording those calls and determining who needs to be called back?

Numerous sticky notes can be lost, unreadable, and a slow system for an important part of your government entity. Our call log software makes logging calls quick and easy!

You can add custom call categories in order to track how many calls you receive for a particular category. You can easily tell how many calls have been resolved and how many need additional calls to resolve.

Also our call log software allows you to add a contact to a specific call so that if a different person responded to the call; they would know who to talk to. Our call log software has a variety of call log reports that allow you to view calls based on a specified date range.

The Call Log system makes recording calls or complaints that come into your office a snap by providing a simple form which can track exactly what happens on a specific call.

Here is a listing of some of the features that make our call log software awesome!

  • Add custom categories for calls
  • Set priority on individual call records
  • Add a contact to an individual call record
  • Track any follow up correspondence that needs to happen such as sending the caller an email

Why Us?

Our Call Log software makes it easy to track the calls your municipality's office receives with features such as:

  • Custom call categories
  • Easily adding contacts to calls