Fixed Assets









Our GASB-34 compliant Fixed Assets Management software is the only tool you'll need to depreciate and track your valuable assets. Asset locations and statuses are automatically determined and changeable as needed. Depreciation can be applied monthly or annually and any value-added entries (such as capital outlay, refurbishing, etc.) increase the asset's value as soon as those entries are posted.

An extensive library of reports is included with the Fixed Assets Management module. Special “auditor’s reports” are also included. Reports can be customized by changing the margin settings, font types, and sizes, and commonly run reports’ parameters can be saved to automatically use the same information without having to enter the parameters every time. Any report in the Fixed Assets Management module can be exported to a wide variety of formats, including Excel©, HTML, PDF, Lotus 1-2-3©, Microsoft Word©, etc.

The Fixed Assets module makes posting depreciation a snap by automatically updating any Fixed Assets, Equipment, and General Ledger files with the calculated depreciation expense.

Fixed Assets Features

  • GASB-34 compliant
  • Calculate depreciation either monthly or yearly
  • Print reports sorted by Type, Year, Location, etc.