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The General Ledger software consists of two simple programs: General Ledger Constant Maintenance and General Ledger Post.

General Ledger Constant Maintenance is where you define your account numbers, assign titles to the various segments of your account numbers, set up your fiscal year, and enter your entity's name.

General Ledger Post allows you to post journal entries for cash receipts, accounts payable, payroll, utility billing charges, and fund transfers. (If you’re using our other modules, they will automatically post any necessary credit entries for you.)


The General Ledger Post program gives you certainty that your General Ledger will always stay in balance by ensuring that the debits and credits in your journal entries always balance to zero. While posting a journal entry, you can setup new accounts "on the fly"; there is no need to exit posting in order to set up missing accounts. If your entries don't zero balance, you can see what funds need entries. You can also print out a copy of the journal you're posting without having to exit posting.

General ledger supports multi-segmented account numbers up to seven levels for those who have a complex chart of accounts. (e.g., Level 1 for Fund, Level 2 for Department, Level 3 for Account, Level 4 for Subaccount, etc.)

With the General Ledger budgeting feature, you can create “empty” budget journals containing selected account types (expense, revenue, etc.) and then post the budget entries later. This allows you to setup the budget and then have a different individual actually post the budget numbers.


You can easily create budget worksheets, and post any adjustments to your budgeted figures so that you can repair inadequate budgets immediately. General Ledger Budgeting also supports creating budgets for the next fiscal year prior to the end of the current fiscal year.


General Ledger Features

  • Duplicate account numbers from one fund to another
  • No need to close out one month before starting work on the next month
  • Post budgets and adjustments
  • Multiple cash accounts per fund
  • Budget adjustments “on the fly”
  • Detailed transaction records
  • Full range of financial and budget reports
  • Scores of reports designed specifically for auditor use
  • Save printing options for any report
  • Context-sensitive help with the press of a button


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