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The Accounts Payable software gives you complete control over the payment of your bills. Set up your vendors and go, or jump right into the AP Post program and set your vendors up while you post your vendor invoices. Nothing could be simpler!

While you’re posting vendor invoices, your general ledger accounts are being updated and the proper accounting entries are being made automatically. The system will also track the due dates for cash management and check processing.

Once your vendor invoices have been posted in the software, a wide variety of Accounts Payable reports are available to print.

When you’re ready to pay your bills, the AP Pay program will show you all of your open accounts payable invoices. You can click on the invoices you want to pay, short pay invoices, and take any available discounts. As you add to the list of invoices to pay, the total cash required to pay those invoices is updated right on your screen, so you can dynamically remove certain invoices if the total amount to pay is more than you anticipated.

After selecting the invoices to pay, you can prepare a Prepayment File and print a Prepayment Report for your board approval. After the Prepayment has been approved, open your Prepayment File in the AP Pay program, make any adjustments needed, then click the Pay button to pay the selected accounts payable invoices. After the invoices have been paid, you can print your vendor checks using one of our predefined check layouts.

If you have bitmaps of authorized signatures, your checks can be printed and signed at the same time.


Our Accounts Payable system has a great feature set which will help you to efficiently prepare vendor invoices and combined with our extensive Accounts Payable report library you can quickly see what you owe and when payments are due.



See how easy it is to post vendor invoices in our accounts payable software!

Sample Accounts Payable Reports

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Accounts Payable Features

  • Point and click invoice selection
  • Automatic credit entries
  • Multiple account lookup routines
  • Multiple vendor lookup routines
  • Complete cash flow control
  • Short pay invoices
  • Take missed discounts
  • Multiple check layouts
  • Vendor histories are kept forever
  • Year-end 1099s
  • Context-sensitive help with the press of a button
  • Payment by Fund