Pro Fund Accounting

For Well-Run Road Commissions

Let's be honest - accounting for Road Commissions is difficult. You provide an important service to residents of your counties and beyond - and the complexity of your accounting systems reflect that status. A run-of-the-mill accounting system flat-out doesn't get the job done.

Now here's another fact: more than half of Michigan's road commissions use Pro Fund Accounting. There's a reason for that.

Pro Fund Accounting's Highway Package is tailor-made for the modern road commission, ensuring accurate and timely reporting, simple payroll management, detailed budgeting, and more.

Accounting mistakes and errors can cost Road Commissions millions – and most budgets are in no position to afford that. That’s where Pro Fund Accounting comes in – we make Road Commissions run better with our simple, easy-to-use software. Fill out this form now – and let’s start making your team run better.

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